Quiet Call

I will keep on calling you 

In the silence

With my quiet words

©2017 Parus


Black Soul

She sat near the window

And inhaled the cold air desperately

To cool down the fire

Burning inside her

The whole city was sleeping

And she could not understand

How could anyone sleep so sound?

There was no voice at all

Even the grasshoppers were quiet


The black birds

They were sreaming

And mouring

Shattering the midnight silence 

She could not tolerate those sounds

She wanted to scream 

Louder than them

So loud that the whole world would wake up

And tell them

About the countless times

When she got rejected 

For being a black bird

©2017 Parus

Call for Suicide Survivors!

In America, the Saturday before Thanksgiving  is designated as a day when family and friends of those who have died by suicide come together for healing and support, known as “International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day”. This year, it is going to be on 18th November, 2017. This might be an ordinary day for some people, but for some, a day that can change their life.

Every year 800,000 people end their life by suicide and there is 1 suicide every 40 seconds across the globe.  So I have decided to write a Global Diary in which I will put the stories of suicide survivors or their families or friends who have faced the death of their dear ones by suicide together so that others can get benefit from their stories.

Anyone who have ever attempted suicide and have came out of it or still struggling with it or the friends and families of suicide survivors can share their stories. Your words can safe a life.

Please help me in accomplishing this task. Please comment below or send in your entries directly to standagainstmentalillness@gmail.com  and help in healing the world.

Take a minute and change a life.