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Gender Dysphoria or Child Abuse?

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Call for Suicide Survivors!

In America, the Saturday before Thanksgiving  is designated as a day when family and friends of those who have died by suicide come together for healing and support, known as “International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day”. This year, it is going to be on 18th November, 2017. This might be an ordinary day for some people, but for some, a day that can change their life.

Every year 800,000 people end their life by suicide and there is 1 suicide every 40 seconds across the globe.  So I have decided to write a Global Diary in which I will put the stories of suicide survivors or their families or friends who have faced the death of their dear ones by suicide together so that others can get benefit from their stories.

Anyone who have ever attempted suicide and have came out of it or still struggling with it or the friends and families of suicide survivors can share their stories. Your words can safe a life.

Please help me in accomplishing this task. Please comment below or send in your entries directly to  and help in healing the world.

Take a minute and change a life.

A Day in my Head!

Cover page of “A day in my Head”

Few months back, I decided to start a fight against depression because I know how devastating this one feeling can be. Yes, I believe that it’s more of a feeling than an illness. I reached my friends, who have fought or are still fighting with depression, but unfortunately no one came forward to help me in this cause. But as I believe, nothing good ever goes in vain, I met this gentleman, Aron Bennett, on twitter. He invited me to write for his global diary. A diary that was going to be all about mental problems, experiences of people who have successfully won this battle against their own minds and also about the feelings of those who are still fighting and are so amazing and brave that they are willing¬† to share their feelings with the whole world, just to support other people who are dealing with any sort of mental illness or problem. I was a bit hesitant about writing at first because personally I have never had any mental problem, apart from mood swings that includes depression too but not for more than a week or two, or a unique story to share with the world, but Aron was nice enough to let me share an entry as a doctor. Also English is not my first language but he was ok with it too so I submitted my entry on 6/16/2016, on depression ( I have my interest in psychiatry as my post-graduation field, for those who don’t know me). It takes me great pleasure to tell you that the e-book is now published and available on Amazon here. The amount generated by this book is going to charity, if I got it right. So please go and show some love to this gentleman and to everyone who decided to came forward and shared that private part of their heads. Let’s make this world a better place for each other. Love and spread love.