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Calm in the Chaos

Something about you reminds me of autumn breeze

And that is how I find calm in the chaos



Serenity Prayer

Dear God,

Give me the courage to change the things that I can change,

the serenity to accept the things that I can’t change,


the wisdom to know the difference.




In every moment,

In every event of your life,

The beloved is whispering to you

Exactly what you need to hear

And know.

Who can ever explain this miracle?

It simply is.

Listen and you will discover it

Every passing moment.

Listen and your whole life will become 

A conversation

In thought and act

Between you and Him,

Directly, wordlessly,

Now and always.


Source: Rumi Reed (Facebook Page)

A Beautiful Sunday

Where tea is boiling 

Where books are smiling

Where birds are singing

Where roses are dancing

Where the sun is setting into the orange horizon

Where night blooming jasmines are blooming

Where molvis are calling for the morning prayer

Where monks are humming

Where sufis are whirling

You will find me there


©2017 Parus
Picture Courtesy: Abdur Rehman

Black Soul

She sat near the window

And inhaled the cold air desperately

To cool down the fire

Burning inside her

The whole city was sleeping

And she could not understand

How could anyone sleep so sound?

There was no voice at all

Even the grasshoppers were quiet


The black birds

They were sreaming

And mouring

Shattering the midnight silence 

She could not tolerate those sounds

She wanted to scream 

Louder than them

So loud that the whole world would wake up

And tell them

About the countless times

When she got rejected 

For being a black bird

©2017 Parus