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In a Rose Garden

Fragrance of autumn breeze

Invigorates her wilting heart

Song of autumn breeze

lulls her chaos

Every morning 

She wakes up in a rose garden

©2017 Parus



In this vast prison of the world,

The food of true faith is rare;

By the tricks and games of Satan

What there is, is wasted.

Prayers, fasts, and ordeals

Might win us the food of devotion.

Satan will see that he eats it all

Take refuge in God from His Satan!

Satan’s disobedience has killed us!

He may be just one spirit

But satan can enter a thousand beings

And everyone that Satan enters

Becomes a Satan like him.

Satan is in whoever freezes your passion.

The Demon is hidden under his skin.

When Satan doesn’t find a physical form,

He’ll invade your imagination

And make it drag you into evil:

From your thoughts His destruction will stream,

From thoughts even of peace and love,

Or the love of knowledge or of home and family-

No thought is safe from his twisting!

Take care! Say at once, “O God help me!”

Repeat it over and over again,

And not only with your tongue-

From the bottom of your soul

Teachings of Rumi

Andrew Harvey

©2017 Parus

Take a Minute, Change a Life!

Don’t be sad! Because God sends hope in the most desperate moments. Don’t forget, the heaviest rain comes out of the darkest clouds. ~Rumi

If the rate of suicide increases in any society, blame yourself for that and know that someone wants to talk to me, wants to share his/her suffering with me but I don’t have any time to listen.

Ashfaq Ahmed

Today is the 15th World Suicide Prevention Day. It is held every year on 10th of September in order to stand with the people who are, not yet, able to see the beauty of this life. Every year 800,000 people end their life by suicide and there is 1 suicide every 40 seconds across the globe. The theme of this year is amazing and very similar to what Ashfaq Ahmed Sahab said years ago. It says;

“Take a minute, change a life.”

The theme encourages everyone to spare a moment for those who are struggling, specially those who might not be very well connected to the society or even isolated. Spare a moment, check in and listen. Give them your ears, they are waiting for you. Research shows that 2/3 people inform before they commit suicide. And that is why strong family system and good social connections serve as protective factors. I also want to tell that we see a lot of patients with suicidal ideation, mostly with moderate to severe depression and when I ask do you think this life is worth living? They say not at all and when I ask do you ever plan to end your life? They say I would have ended my life uptil now but because it is haram (prohibited) in Islam, I haven’t. Alhamdulillah for a religion like that. Allah says in Surah Al-Nisa that;

“Don’t kill yourself. No doubt Allah (swt) is merciful and anyone who does so, will be punished in fire. And it is easy for Allah.

Surah An-Nisa


Subhan Allah. In this verse, Allah is reminding us that don’t end this beautiful life that I have gifted you and reminding us clearly that He is merciful. He will fix everything eventually. As I always say, even the bad things, happen for a good reason. We just have to keep going, with trust. And in the next verse, He is then warning the person that if you still want to do it, know that I will punish you. Can you see the love behind this threat? Like our parents do when we are not listening to them and they want to safe us in every way, possible or impossible? A love like that. Alhamdulillah.

Now the question is do we have a minute to listen to the people who need us?? Listen in a non-judgement and empathic way. Let them share in whatever way they want. World is a beautiful place. It is more beautiful when we are all connected through love. Shams Tabrizi says that we are all connected in a circle. So it is not the suffering of a single person, it is always a mutual suffering. Show people that you love. Listen.

Because taking out a minute can save a life. 

Love and spread love.

©2017 Parus

A new me

It’s 5th here already!

You filled my emptiness with His presence

You changed my sadness into content

You changed my despair into hope

You gave me a direction

You gave me His longing

You made me a seeker

And showed me a new path

You gave me words

And you made me silent

You colored me in His color 

And showed me how colorless this world is!

I was born on the day

I met you!

©2017 Parus