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The most Beautiful Evening!


When I was in Saudi Arabia, we left to peform our second Umrah, on the first day of Eid. I don’t remember but I think I only slept for an hour or not at all that night so I was feeling a bit sleepy. When we were in between Madinah and Makkah, I saw the most beautiful sunset of my life. Now even though I was dizzy, that sunset invigorated all my senses. To offer maghrib prayer, our driver stopped the car in the nearby masjid. And I am not going to forget that place ever in my life. That place was near mountains and the sky was orangish-pink which than changed to blue, with first day moon. That scene was beautiful beyond words, even the picture failed to capture it. It was so mesmerising, that no one was willing to leave that place, but we had to. I don’t know but there was something about that scene that can’t be described in words. My heart aches to see that scene again. And I don’t know why but today, I wish to be in those mountains again.