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Wilting Flowers

Wilting Flowers
Since yesterday, the biggest talk of the town is none other than the suicide act of two teenager school students who committed suicide because their parents had not allowed them to get married. I mean at the age of hardly 16, with no degree in hand, they wanted to get married? Is that what we are teaching our children? Why the parents are not keeping a check on their children when they are spending their whole day on TV and internet? Why are we letting our children to get influenced by media? Where are the parents of our nation?
Teens are falling in love, school going children are talking about sex, boys are cheating on girls,
girls are showing off their bodies, a 12 year old guy is supporting gay marriages, teens are attempting suicide. What the hell is going on in our society?? I still remember the time when my 13 year old sister was in 6th grade and she told me that her class fellow broke up with her
boyfriend and I was like when I was of her age I could not even tie my hair.
What are we doing about it? Nothing. No one seems to care about it.
We only know one thing that whenever such thing happens, put all the blame on International media and you have done your duty. And that’s right too. What else do you expect from children who grow up watching intimate scenes and item numbers? But unfortunately
International media is not the only culprit now, some Pakistani movies are just heading of in the same direction. Item numbers, useless love stories, short clothes and Indian inspired personalities? Wake up everyone. This is not us. This is not our values.
It’s time to take a stand. We need to change our system. We need to change a lot of things but before that we need to change ourselves. We need to focus on the education system of our country that is promoting love stories more than education. We need to understand that education is not just making a child cram their text books, it is much more than that. It is about making a child so strong that he can differentiate between what’s good and what’s bad. It is about teaching them our values, moral as well as Islamic values.
All the bad things are happening due to the combined effects of media and lack of our Islamic and moral values. I totally agree with Will smith’s last Facebook status which says,
                            “Our world is officially broken. It’s time to take a stand.”

Why Smiling Is the Best Remedy?


I still remember when I was a child, my papa used to quote one line after every lesson “Beta (Son, although I am his daughter) always keep smiling, it will solve half of your problems”. Now I smile so much that people recognize me with my smile and laughter. After getting admission in the medical college, I got to know how right my father was. Smiling is really the best medicine. It has many positive social, mental and physical effects. It is also a Sunnah (anything that was practiced by our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW).


When the body is undergoing stress, it releases cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that prepares the body for coping that stress. My second year Physiology teacher, Doctor Gulafshan, called this hormone as “The first breakfast of our body” as the primary function of this hormone is to increase the blood sugar level. Its level is increased in the second half of the night and then 20 minutes after awakening to cope the anticipated stress that can be caused by the low glucose level. Researches have proved now that smiling and laughing reduces the level of cortisol and fights anxiety, stress and depression.


When you smile, your body triggers the release of endorphins. Endorphins are the hormones that are released from the body during exercise, excitement, pain, stress, consumption of spicy food, love and orgasm and they work as opiates. They reduce the pain and induces a feeling of well-being.


Cortisol is also responsible for reducing the immunity of the body. That is why a person who is always in stress, is more prone to develop different infections. Smiling reduces the stress hormone and this way boosts your immunity.


Sometimes the only solution is to keep your focus away from the problem. Smiling do that so easily. It distracts your focus away from anger, guilt, problem, stress, tension and the other negative thoughts and gives you positive energy to stand those problems.


I don’t know about others but the first thing I notice in a person is the “smile”.  Smile makes you look so beautiful so always keep a smile on your face and stay happy. 🙂