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In this vast prison of the world,

The food of true faith is rare;

By the tricks and games of Satan

What there is, is wasted.

Prayers, fasts, and ordeals

Might win us the food of devotion.

Satan will see that he eats it all

Take refuge in God from His Satan!

Satan’s disobedience has killed us!

He may be just one spirit

But satan can enter a thousand beings

And everyone that Satan enters

Becomes a Satan like him.

Satan is in whoever freezes your passion.

The Demon is hidden under his skin.

When Satan doesn’t find a physical form,

He’ll invade your imagination

And make it drag you into evil:

From your thoughts His destruction will stream,

From thoughts even of peace and love,

Or the love of knowledge or of home and family-

No thought is safe from his twisting!

Take care! Say at once, “O God help me!”

Repeat it over and over again,

And not only with your tongue-

From the bottom of your soul

Teachings of Rumi

Andrew Harvey

©2017 Parus