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Emptiness is a Blessing #2


Recently I wrote a blog on emptiness and called it a blessing. Mainly because I crave that emptiness so badly. Meditation is a well-known way to attain emptiness but what to do if even in my meditation, I don’t get that? I am fed up of my wordly desires. They always find some way to come back. It’s depressing to surrender to the desires, you don’t want any more.

There is a thing about filling myself with these unwanted desires that they always leave me drained, when they leave. I feel more empty, more and more every time and sometimes guilty. And this is how I know they are not what I want. They don’t stay with me permanently. They don’t fill me. They just come, stay and leave, as an unwanted guest. I honor them with all my heart and what do they do? They leave and how can I ask shadows to stay all day long?

So what is there that can fill me up? That won’t leave me? Something that should always be there for me, whenever my desires leave me alone or may be as a desire in itself? There should be something. There must be something. There is something.

I found Him.

No. He found me.

He is here. Listen.

©2017 Parus

Emptiness is a Blessing


There comes a time when we feel empty. We don’t feel anything but empty, no sadness, no happiness, nothing at all. It is a common practice to call this boredom. And we try to fill that emptiness with things that in reality makes us more empty but that is another topic. So we use social media, go out with friends and relatives or anything that temporarily fills this emptiness up. We actually keep ourselves busy to divert our attention. I tried to over-come this emptiness by becoming more social which was totally opposite to my nature. I indulged myself into music, outings and gossips. Yep, gossips is actually another way to focus our attention on others when we need it the most for ourselves.

And there is nothing wrong in that. In fact it’s very important to fill us for the sake of mental peace but we must be very careful in choosing the right stuffing material for our soul. This emptiness is a blessing. It is a call from inside. Listen to the call and instead of filling it by anything, take your time and think what is it that your inside wants? Is it only a distraction or something bigger? It is a blessing to feel the call and a much bigger blessing to understand what is it calling for? Just listen to your self and you will get your answers 🙂 Love and blessings to everyone♥

©2017 Parus