Seeking the Unknown


Seeking the unknown

In the red color of roses

In the fragrance of night blooming jasmine

In the sound of rain

In the restlessness of waves

In the silence of doves

In the chattering of sparrows

In the dancing trees

In the mad breeze

In the lectures of Sheikhs

In the whirling of Sufi’s

Seeking the unknown in this dull pain

©2017 Parus



2 thoughts on “Seeking the Unknown

  1. It is so you can ‘see’ what lies beneath it all. You cannot know and understand love, unless you have seen and felt hatred. Only then will you rejoice in its understanding.
    If you are just continuously given something, you take it for granted. But if you have to work hard for something, you will have much respect for it. As is love.
    Your dull pain has great purpose, you are loved so much by God, he is giving you the ability to find and understand His unconditional love, by giving you ‘conditional’. Smile with gratitude, for within this journey a great understanding and love is being given. Yes, it is very hard at times, but slowly its love will bloom like the roses do, in their time ❤

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    1. Thank you Mark. Your presence in my life is also an evidence that He loves me and wants me to love myself ❤ I am amazed to read the last time of your comment as it is exactly what I thought today 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your wisdom and thanks for staying by my side, in my heart ❤

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