Dragon of my Desires

They are 4 now 😀

The dragon of my desires,

woke up this morning.

My body is a battle zone.

©2017 Parus


4 thoughts on “Dragon of my Desires

  1. These pictures, these glimpses and the allusions you connect with them, they’re what make your blog stand out, and the spiritualism in the posts is something I can relate to.
    When they hatch, tell me of what ilk the dragons are 🙂
    And amen to the poem. Qalb, our heart, is indeed like a dragon, it sleeps for a while, it turns in its slumbers, it comes to life with its desires and in its wake makes the entire body, as you so awesomely put it, a battlezone.
    I relate to this so hard.

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    1. Well I would again say that this is the beauty of your own mind 🙂
      I won’t let them hatch 😉
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. They are beautiful as always♥
      Thank you for your appreciation and thanks for your comment♥

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