Opaque Soul


Drift away the clouds that cover your sky,

and watch yourself fly,

like a dove.

©2017 Parus


5 thoughts on “Opaque Soul

  1. Your soul is flying well Paras 😀
    One day I was taken on a journey. And within that space I could ‘feel’ everything. There was no time, no need to ask of anything as I could ‘sense’ all around. And within it all was a love like nothing else I have ever felt…and because of that, I could ‘see’ forever…physically, emotionally, and most certainly, spiritually. That completeness, that connection, that oneness is the pureness of unconditional love…and its touch was something I will never forget ❤
    Enjoy your flight my friend, because when I looked 'back' to down here…I then realised that we are in fact in a very beautiful place down here, and I mean that very profoundly. I could 'see' that even though we go through some very hard times down here…this very act of 'living' teaches us that love that we so long to find. We cannot 'see' it until we 'touch' that pain within. And in doing so, we breach the wall of isolation, that duality that keeps us from ourselves, and rejoins that love of self, completes us so that we become unconditional once again ❤

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  2. This feels sooo beautiful and sooo right Mark. And believe me I am not even close but I am on the way and I’ll be there if He wants, keeping in.mind what Rumi says that our calling to Him are actually His calling♥
    Hugs and love to you my dear friend. I love you so much♥

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