Happy Mother’s Day


We can never pay back our mothers for what she did for us. But we can try to be there for her now that she is old and weak. This day is not a one day celebration, it is a reminder to check ourselves, a day to take oaths that I won’t leave my mother now because she never left me alone when I was weak and I will be kind to her in doing that. If you meet your mother only on Mother’s day, sorry you are getting this day wrong.

Happy Mother’s Day!


2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. This world is teaching selfishness Paras…through the fears that we hold and wrap ourselves in….blocking the love that we are so desperately seeking.
    It is not until we can remove those fears that we are able to accept and then give that love to others, with no walls of fear to block them. Then wrap our love around our mothers, no longer ‘guarded’ by those fears, and truly give from an unconditional place.
    And remember, those hard lessons that she gave are more unconditional than you will ever know…even the really hard ones. They have great purpose, they will eventually allow you…to ‘see’ you, even though at the time they can seem harsh and unjust. Even in those times, she is creating a very beautiful ‘you’ ❤ ❤ ❤
    May the celebration of Mothers Day be from the heart she created, and the unconditional love that you have mastered ❤ 😀

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