The Light of Setting Sun


What do the birds talk about,

When they gather,

Under the light of setting sun?

©2017 Parus


5 thoughts on “The Light of Setting Sun

  1. Why is that lady pointing that thing at us? 😀
    But in truth, they do exactly as we do, but in their own way. They eat, sleep, fly (ok, we can’t do that yet 😀 ), chat up the opposite sex, argue over territory, have pecking orders (and yes, we do that also). but most importantly, they too are guided by the love that drives everything ❤

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    1. If we actually ‘knew’ what they were saying, we would begin to interfere with their lives also, as we do in all our relationships now, whether our relationships with others or even nature. Using our fears to project and judge as we do 🙂

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