Live Deen Conference 2017


So yesterday I got a chance to attend this conference, arranged by Live Deen. I wanted to attend this conference due to many reasons but my first reason was Abu Eesa. I don’t know anything about sheikhs except Moulana Tariq Jameel and late Junaid Jamsheed (my favourite, May Allah raise his ranks in Jannah). I knew Abu Eesa because Idk for what reason, he reminded me of Shams Tabrizi and that’s it. So I got a ticket for day 2, on Sunday. It was a nice conference and I absolutely loved Shaikh Hussain Yee. He came from Malaysia and what I loved most about him, was his moderate approach and a very polite and kind heart. I can’t explain but there is a thing about Indonesians and Malaysians that I absolutely love. They have a typical kindness and are so peaceful.

Now I have got another reason to visit Malaysia 😀 First reason is rain. I heard that it rains almost daily there. Second is Hussain Yee. Malaysia I am coming in sha Allah 😀


2 thoughts on “Live Deen Conference 2017

  1. AssalamuAlaikum

    JazakAllahu Khairin for attending the conference and writing about it. May Allah (SWT) grant you the chance to visit Malaysia and meet the Shaykh again.

    Please stay connected to LiveDeen events through our Facebook and Twitter (LiveDeen on both).

    Best Regards
    Aly Balagamwala

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    1. WalaikumAsalam
      It was a pleasure attending that conference. May Allah accept your efforts. Jazak Allah 🙂
      In sha Allah ♥
      Well actually got ticket for a conference by Azan.


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