My Small World!


Whenever I need someone to stand with me and support me financially and morally, I only have my father’s back.

Whenever I want someone to love me unconditionally and to pray for me, I can only see my mother who wishes the best for me without any selfish motives.

Whenever I need a true friend who listens to my shit and accepts me as I am, not when it’s convenient for them but whenever I am in need, I can only think of my sisters.

Whenever I want someone to keep my secrets and I have no fear that it will be used as a gossip, I reach out to my brother.

My only friends other than my family are those who reminds me of Allah and helps me to get to the Light.

And I am thankful to Allah who gave me all these relationships. I have all of them because I have Him. Without Him, I have noone.

I saw no other relationships that want good for me without wanting something in return. For me no other relations are relations but time pass and human needs.


3 thoughts on “My Small World!

  1. Thank you Mark. That is so true because only after experiencing bad ones, I realized the worth of the good ones and also they are the reason for what I am now. They gave me so many lessons, painful but much needed. And I am thankful to all of them♥
    Thank you for being there with me when I was lost. Thank you for being a part of my small world, a beautiful part. I am blessed beyond words♥

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