Random Thought #2


I think all good and sensitive people are either depressed or they have already found Allah.


4 thoughts on “Random Thought #2

  1. I loved your words, they made me laugh so hard for their lightness of being 😀
    Allah’s ladder has many rungs…and depression, like all other emotions, has great teaching and wisdom.
    All colors when combined create the color white. All emotions when combined, find His light.
    Acceptance creates balance, but any of those emotions held predominately within, will distort that balance. Our fears create that distortion.
    Thank you for sharing 😀

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    1. I am glad that I made you laugh 😀
      Yes Rumi says that too 🙂 But you relate that to my life and help me experience that♥
      Jazakallah Mark. Thank you for your time, all that you give me. I am blessed Alhamdulillah♥

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