Random Thought!


This life is all about wanting and intentions. If I want something, I will eventually get it. If money is my priority,I will get it sooner or later. But I won’t get what I never wanted. After getting money, I can’t complain about lack of mental piece or anything other than money. If today I am not choosing love, honesty and pure emotions, tomorrow I won’t be able to complain for the lack of all these things. It’s all about wanting. But it is also about intentions. If my intentions are pure, I will get what I want in the best way possible. If my intentions are not pure, I will not get satisfaction out of it, even after getting the best. For example if I want to make some relationship and I am not giving my efforts, like I want it but my efforts are not honest, may be today I will succeed in getting it but tomorrow it won’t be as I wanted it to be. Allah not only gives us what we want, but also gives it in our version. He knows what is it in my heart and I can’t lie to Him. Otherwise what I want also wants me. (Shams Tabrizi)


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