Let’s Talk About Love!


I could either start a war outside my self and spread hatred,

Or I could put an end to the war that was going on inside me and spread love,

I decided to begin a war with my self.

I decided to be silent and be the love I am.

“We don’t live on the earth, we are passing through it.”


11 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Love!

    1. This is in response to the increasing tension between Pakistan and India. I don’t use fb etc but I use utube and in the comments section, I am noticing verbal war these days. I think why people are fighting when we are just passing through? Hopefully it gets better with time. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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      1. I have now got the difference between under-estimating myself and being proud of myself, with your guidance Allahmdulillah 🙂 Still holding on to my fears though!
        But I am hopeful ❤

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      2. They are most certainly there for a purpose Paras, they will guide you…to you. They force you to look within, and also for you to experience both ends of the scales in everything.
        Without it, how would you make a decision on what is good or bad…or for the fact that we label them as such…what IS really good or bad…or do we judge them as such and they actually have completely different meanings for us all.
        That is the journey…with what are YOU happy with, let it guide you to your fears, and it will free you 🙂

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