Cleanliness is Half of Faith!


If I say that I grew up listening to this hadith, I won’t be wrong. But I never absorbed it. Like I always thought how can only cleanliness makes up for half of your Iman (faith)? Anyways this question lost it’s importance as I grew up. Actually I kind of suppressed it as  I do to all other questions that pop up in my mind and I can’t find their answers.

I was listening to Ashfaq Ahmed the other day and he said, when one focuses too much on cleaning his outside, his attention diverts from cleaning his inside. Immediately this quote came to my mind, but this time with a new meaning, the one that actually clicked.

This quote is referring to cleaning our inside. The day I will clean myself from all the dirt and impurities that has been there in the form of ego, unkindness, proud, disobedience, I will definitely gain the half of my iman that has been lost to gain this world. May Allah give you ease and helps you to distribute it among others. Ameen!


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