Why do we Pray Five Times Daily?


Alhamdulillah I was born in a muslim family and the very first thing, we have been taught as a muslim is Salah (prayer). Now namaz is the basic pillar of Islam and we offer prayer five times a day. We have fixed timings of each prayer, also we have a fixed number of rakats. Have you ever wondered why? Like we should be able to offer our prayer at anytime and everytime, after all it’s just a way to connect to Allah then why these specific timings and specific rakats in every prayer? Because salah (prayer) is not just a way to remember Allah. It is much more than that. It teaches us discipline. And why discipline? Because I think that is the differentiating point between a successful person and the one who is still struggling. We can’t achieve anything without discipline whether it’s our work, job, education or even in our relationships, we have to be disciplined to keep the things going in the right direction. We can’t wake up next day and adapt something. We have to practice it every single day, something we call constant practice. And that is my answer too on why we have fixed timings for Namaz and other things too. May Allah help us to be disciplined and to help others. Ameen.


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