Should I Trust Others?


Do not worry about the tricks and cheat. If some people are trying to trap and hurt you, God is also trapping them. Hole diggers fell in their holes. No bad remains non-punished, no good remains non-awarded. Have faith in justice and let the rest be.

-Shams Tabrizi

I think it’s human nature to trust other humans and put some hope in others. In my whole life, whenever I associated my hopes with the other person, I ended up with a broken heart. Every time I broke harder than the last time. Just before a year or two, I thought to myself that now it’s enough and I won’t expect anything from anyone. But doing it practically, was almost impossible for me. I think that’s because when there is love, there is hope. Whether it’s your friend, sibling or relative, it feels bad when you get nothing in response of your love. So should we stop trusting others in the first place? or should we learn to love without expectations? I found my answer in this quote. I don’t know what this quote is to you but to me, it means “Put your trust in God and then trust a human.”

Isn’t it great? When I was asking whether I should trust a human or not, I was actually worried about the outcome. But when I forget about the outcome, when I put all my hopes in God and believe that He is the one who will take care of me and my affairs, I don’t find any reason to stop trusting humans. So we should always listen to our hearts and love and trust as much as we can and let the rest be. May Allah help you with all your affairs. Ameen.



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