Be Humble


I am not a very humble person. I have many flaws. The most problematic one is my ego. I am very egoistic by nature. It’s very difficult for me to be quiet when I think I am doing right. I always thought that it’s a good thing to speak up and to make the other person realize that he is wrong. I confess I was wrong. And now I am trying to change myself. I am trying to be humble. But because we are living in a very class-oriented society, I realized it’s more difficult than I thought. In our society, when someone tries to be humble, people take him for granted. Being humble and nice is out of fashion. I thought humble people deserve more respect but I saw the opposite in our society. It’s almost insulting to be humble. I don’t know why and I find it very funny but people won’t judge you by who you are, instead they will judge you by your clothes, bags and shoes and the type of people you meet. If you are proudy, they will value your point of view and if you are humble, they will ignore you. If you have friends in so called high-class, you are cool, even if you are not. How funny is that? In other words, we need others to make our self look better. As Rumi said;

“If only our eyes saw souls, instead of bodies. How very different our ideals of beauty would be.”


2 thoughts on “Be Humble

  1. That journey has great purpose, along with an ego to trip you and make you stumble. It will show you how not to be, so that you can ‘see’ and ‘feel’ your true path.
    It is a perfection in itself, even with the sometimes horrors that we face.
    But the beauty in the end is beyond words…you will find you…an unconditional love that can only be found by ‘being’ conditional.
    Great post Paras, thank you for sharing 🙂

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