Talk to God!

I like birds because I think they are more connected to God than me.


I read an article on WordPress the other day. It was on the relationship with the God and she told that the easiest way to connect to God is to talk to Him every second. Yes, that’s right. Talk to Him and you will feel like He is with you all the time. I liked her article so much because I know how right it is. After coming back from Umrah, I have developed this habit unintentionally. I talk to God about everything. Even when I know I am doing something wrong, I tell this to God and tell Him why I am doing this or even when I don’t, I talk about it with the only one I have, the sincerest of all the friends I have, I tell Him how weak I am without Him that even after knowing that I am not doing something good, I can’t stop myself. I tell Him that I have no control over myself and I don’t do this in fear, I think of Him as my friend and guide and I expect only His mercy.

I think it’s very important to remind ourselves that He is not Someone we should be afraid of. In fact, He is our best friend. After all, He stays with us through all our thick and thin. He never leaves us, although we sometimes distance ourselves so much from Him that even though He lives within our hearts, we are unable to reach Him.

Just before some months, I was in a very weird state of mind. I wanted to change everything and when things would not go as I have wanted, I felt helpless. I had so many questions in my mind like why people do this? Why they do that? Why my life is not going according to my plan. What is it that I am doing wrong? These questions only put me in more anxiety and sometimes depression.

I still have these questions but now I talk about it with the God and I feel relaxed or I find a good answer or a solution depending on the situation. I feel like myself is at peace with myself now. I feel like I am not divided into two persons now. I still have my dark days. I still feel disappointed and hopeless sometimes. But now I have got a solution, I talk about it all with God and just put all the responsibility on His shoulders and let Him do everything according to His plan. It’s like I am slowly accepting the God’s plan. I have started to believe like actually believe that I am nothing and even if I want something for me, I won’t get it if that’s not what He wants. And it’s not because He is very cruel or He is showing us that He is the boss. Astaghfirullah, nooo. That’s becausee He  knows what is good for us and what Is the best for us. He only grants us the best Allhamdulillah. I have started to believe that he is Ar-Rehman , He is Ar-Raheem, He is Al-Kareem and also He is Al-Ghafoor. After so many years, I have actually started to believe that I have Him with me all the time.

May we all succed in developing such a  relationship with Him in which there is no fear but love and love and only love. Ameen 🙂


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