Flow ~ 1/Resistance


I woke up very early today, not to the sound of an alarm clock but to the sound of a beautiful bird that filled my heart with joy. It was the time of morning when there is only a little light, pinkish-purplish light, my favorite part of the day. When I woke up, I saw my favorite bird was sitting by my window. My window glass is tinted so birds can see their reflection and they always get trapped as if they are watching some one from their own family. 🙂

I don’t know the name of this bird. I have never been interested in names but he or she, I don’t know :-D, first came 1 year back when they were very small and fluffy and were a pair.


They moved in the winter to some place. Two months back, I saw this bird again but the other one was missing. I don’t know what happened to the other bird but it breaks my heart to see this bird alone. Anyways, I slept again but very peacefully this time.

I told this story to one of my friend and told him how happy this made me. He said, “It was not that beautiful then. How could you sleep if it was that beautiful for you? You are not normal.”

But I am like that. Really. It’s easier to sleep when my heart is contented. And easier to mediate too. Why is that so? I don’t know. It just flows. Flows very easily.

And then It clicked. Flow is inversely proportional to the resistance. My resistance is this world and the worldly desires that fill my heart so badly. When I let go of all the worries, of all the thoughts of any kind, it flows. Peace flows within me. How can peace and happiness flow inside us when we have built so many barriers around us? We only recognize the clothes, the outer shell, not the wearer. What lies inside is out of our vision and we don’t care. We have got so much resistance. I don’t know the wonders that lie within yet, the most amazing of all is the God, but now I know one thing that we must get rid of all the resistance first. Only then, we will find our heart, our soul, our true selves and finally the God. And then it will flow. Only then it will flow.

                    “Abandon the world so you may become the king of all worlds.

                    Throw away your handful of sugar, so that you may become the

                    sugar field.”




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