Happy Anniversary with WordPress!



And today after so long when I logged into my WordPress account, I had a notification saying that it’s been a year now with WordPress. When I started off I was done with my 4th year exams and now I am having my final exams ( not so happy with my papers 😦 ). I have not grown up much as a writer but yeah I have gained two really nice friends here, Maria and Derek 🙂

Special thanks to my readers 🙂



3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary with WordPress!

  1. Heeey, congratulations on your blog anniversary! ❤
    Yours is the only best medical-related, Pakistani blog that I know of. And it's pretty informative! Tells me about things I didn't know before. From honey and cinnamon, to smile, and from hijaama to fitness; everything, and a wonderful friend!
    I hope you keep updating your blog (and us) and I wish you ALL the best for your exams and life ahead! xx
    – Maria.


  2. Maria you said too much, I don’t even deserve a word 😮 And yess…meetin you here is the bestest thing I could ask for ❤ ❤
    Thank you for your support and thank you for your sweet and pure wishes ❤


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