Prof. Dr. Javed Iqbal Kazi, A Teacher We Won’t Forget!

Javed Kazi

          “Live amongst people in such a manner that when your are alive,                                 people  crave for your company and if you die, they weep over you.”

          – Imam Ali (a.s)


I entered his room, he was sitting with an attendance register in front of him.

– Ok so what’s your name and roll number?

Sir Paras, Roll# 99

– Paras?? What’s the meaning of Paras?

Sir it’s an imaginary stone that can convert everything into Gold.

-Ok let me check your attendance.

-3rd position and 86% attendance (as I can recall) Paras ap ka mai kia Viva lun?? Jaen ap ( Paras what should I ask you? You can leave).

Thank you soo much Sir 🙂

–  🙂


– (After asking my name and roll number) 2nd position in pre-prof?? asae agye thi ya parha tha?? 😀 (You got that by chance or studied for it? :D)

-Sir parha tha 😀 ( Sir I studied). Sir I want to be a Pathologist. I am not very hard working and I don’t give much time to study but I enjoy studying Pathology.

– Ok aik research karo aur ajaoo. ( Just do a research and join us).

17th FEBRUARY 2014:

Our Pathology HOD and Karachi University’s Dean of Medicine Dr. Javed Kazi has been shot dead outside the Karachi Medical and Dental College, when he was returning home after taking his daily class at KM&DC.

Prof. Dr. Javed Iqbal Kazi (M.B.B.S., Dip. R.C. Path, from London, Ph.D) had been teaching at Karachi Medical and Dental college from 15 years. He was the Head of Pathology Department and was recently assigned as the Dean of Medicine department of Karachi University. He was loved by all for his charismatic personality, kind attitude, great way of teaching and excellent knowledge in Pathology. I still remember that he did not use a cell phone and I got so surprised that how can a person survive without a cell phone in this age but he was really a a man of his own rules and regulations. He was simple in fact simply charismatic. I wanted to be a pathologist just because of him. He was my ideal and will be my ideal for my whole life. He is going to stay in my heart for ever and for always.

I have no words to express my feelings on such a great loss. He was not only a great teacher but the greatest human being we could have. I will miss him badly, very very badly. I, being a human and his student (feeling privileged), protest against his brutal killing and want justice for him.

May Allah grant him the highest place in Jannah. Ameen!

Let’s stand together for Prof. Dr. Javed Iqbal Kazi.

Justice we want!


20 thoughts on “Prof. Dr. Javed Iqbal Kazi, A Teacher We Won’t Forget!

  1. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihee rajiuoon.
    Sorry to know that, Paras. I understand what you’re going through. It is a great loss indeed.. not just for your university, but for the entire country.
    May his soul rest in peace.. ameen.


  2. I met him a couple of months ago in Lahore and had the pleasure to attend his lectures. He came all the way from Karachi to deliver lectures to us and help us understand renal pathology. Although his mother had passed away a few days earlier but he didn’t back away from his commitment because he didn’t want to disappoint all of us. He was such a humble and pleasant person. It is a shocking news.


    1. Everyone is so shocked. I am glad to know that we are not the only one here, he gained so many hearts that are crying for him.
      Thank you so much for your kind comment. It means a lot to me.


  3. May Allah rest his soul in peace! A great and totally senseless loss, not only for Prof. Dr Javed Iqbal’s family, students but for our nation as a whole! May Allah help Pakistan.. the law of the jungle seems the only law in effect these days!


    1. You know when I see comments from different people like you I feel even more proud of him. No one can replace him, He was the only one and he is going to be the only one.
      Yea that’s heart throbbing Yasmin that we are not even going to get justice for him and not for the other thousands innocent lives that were killed without any reason.
      I was sad when I first heard the news but now I am happy and proud, a person like him should get shahadat and he got it. Shahhed kabhi ni marta wo to zinda rehta he hamesha and wo bhi rahain ge.
      Thank you for your kind comment and M sorry for such a long reply but can’t just control my emotions.


      1. No need to say sorry we all want to pour out our hearts in anguished moments! A shoulder to cry on is a blessing we all need and deserve. And yes, I agree with you, there will be routine comments by the high-ups about instant inquiries and bringing the criminals to book! And then… period!! This is a part of the sad times we are surviving in!


  4. I met him the first time when i joined SIUT as a nephrologist in 2001 and I used to see him 2 -3 times a week in the evening to discuss transplant and native biopsies. He was always there to teach us with his expertise during multiple biopsy conferences which we had. He was a excellent teacher and very pleasant human being and i always used to enjoy his company . I still remember my dinner with him in 2002 at Karachi gymkhana when he took me there. Since i moved out of Pakistan, every year when i used to go back i always made sure to visit him at SIUT. I met him last month and still cannot believe that it was my very last meeting. In last 3 days since this happened , i cannot think any thing else besides him and have cried multiple times that i will not be able to see him again ever in this life. In my meeting with him last month,he told me ” Kashif, i cannot live in West as i think over there you are just a small tool in the system and in my country i have achieved so much and set up transplant pathology at SIUT which is the first in Pakistan. He was the authority in renal pathology and i don’t think we will get a person like him again in Pakistan. May Allah grant him Jannah and send mercy on his wife, kids, old father and sisters.
    Ya Allah help our country which is burning when people like him who has so much love for their country being murdered for no reason


    1. People like you made me proud dear 🙂 I am out of words and I am glad that you guys are speaking for him 🙂
      Ameen sum Ameen.
      And yes people who love this country are killed and people who are killing this country are living a long life 🙂
      May Allah grant him the highest place in Jannah and I am sure he already is at the highest place.
      Thank you for your kind comment. It made me even more proud 🙂


  5. May Allah rest his soul in eternal piece, Ameen! Good people are always loved by Allah so much that he doesnt want them to bear the obstacles of this world, and so he calls them as Allah Himself wants to meet them! Although i never met this Person, but whosoever was lucky enough to be taught by him or meet him even, recalled him in Great words. May Allah grant Patience to all his family members and grant Him the highest ranks in Jannah! Ameen!


  6. Inalillahi Wain a Allehi Rajaun Shaheed Dr Jawaid Was my Child Hood friend he was down to earth may Allah give him jannah and give his family to sabbar Ameen
    this is very cowardliness and shameful act we all Muslim have to be embarrassed
    and have to be stand up till justice to be served what kind of Islamic country is that
    where murderer Thugs never be reprimanded because of all Police and Agencies
    are corrupt they don’t have fear of Allah but in life and here after we will be held accountable for all our bad acts


    1. Ameen sum Ameen!
      That’s true we are livin in a country where justice can not be seen anywhere.
      May Allah give him the highest place in Jannah.
      And Thank you Sir for your comment 🙂


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