Playing with the potpourri

I fancy your sweet scent

 ©2018 Parus




In every moment,

In every event of your life,

The beloved is whispering to you

Exactly what you need to hear

And know.

Who can ever explain this miracle?

It simply is.

Listen and you will discover it

Every passing moment.

Listen and your whole life will become 

A conversation

In thought and act

Between you and Him,

Directly, wordlessly,

Now and always.


Source: Rumi Reed (Facebook Page)

A Beautiful Sunday

Where tea is boiling 

Where books are smiling

Where birds are singing

Where roses are dancing

Where the sun is setting into the orange horizon

Where night blooming jasmines are blooming

Where molvis are calling for the morning prayer

Where monks are humming

Where sufis are whirling

You will find me there


©2017 Parus
Picture Courtesy: Abdur Rehman

What is happening in Pakistan?

I was on call yesterday. I am doing my residency in Psychiatry ward which is located next to the main Emergency Department of the hospital. I was aware that people are protesting against the government and all roads were blocked but there was nothing to be worried about. Suddenly after 4 pm, I started to hear ambulance sirens more than usual and that made me suspicious so I thought to go to the ER and check out what was happening. I was amazed to see many people coming with the gunshots wounds and apparently they were all from a particular sect. That was not something I was expecting. Anyway I got home safely but there on my way to home, I encountered many roads that were blocked due to the protest, namely Shahra e Faisal, MA Jinnah road and area near Civic Centre.

So I did research on what is happening and I was totally surprised, knowing that this beloved country Pakistan is made on the name of Islam.

There is a sect in Pakistan, known as Qadiyani. They don’t believe that Prophet Muhammad SAW is the last Prophet of Allah and they have there own prophets after Muhammad SAW and they are coming uptil now. That is fine, we have a lot of people that don’t follow Islam and we respect them all because that is what my Beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW taught us to do. But because Pakistan is an Islamic country, made in the name of Islam alhamdulillah by the efforts of our great leader Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the greatest leader we have ever had, so there is a rule in the constituation that any person who is fighting for the President seat should fill a form in which they also solemnly swear that Prophet Muhammad SAW is the last prophet of Allah. 

What happened overnight was that someone changed the word ” I solemnly swear” (Qasam khata hun) to simply ” I accept” (Iqrar karta hun), without letting the people of Pakistan even know about it. Now if a person does anything after taking the oath, it is an offence and s/he could get punishment for that according to the law but when it is only a casual acceptance, they are free from any punishment. So only by changing a single word, that too against the law, they made a way for Qadiyanis to the President seat because after all they consider themselves as Muslims so can technically stand for the Preseident seat but because of this particular clause they could not do this before. What a shame to the Goverment of Pakistan!

Alhamdulillah there are people in Pakistan who knows the law and also knows the pain that our forefathers went through for getting a separate country where we can practice Islam without any restrictions, they noticed it quickly and started a protest. Government, as ignorant as ever, said that it was a printing error. Protesters demanded that the name of that person who did this against the law which is not only an offence but also an act of disloyalty and perfidy, should be announced and I don’t think that is wrong. In fact that is what Government should do it on his own. But as usual there was nothing that was done. Worst happened yesterday when the government started a physical action against the protestors and chaos spreaded in support/against the protestors in the whole country.

Now I am still not supporting the voilence and prostest, not because they shouldn’t do it but because this is something my Beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW dislikes. I also believe that there might be some hidden political agendas of protestors too but the main thing that started everything is still right and cannot be denied.

I believe that the person or persons who did this unforgivable act should not be eligible to stay on any govermnet post and also some reliable and strict measures should be made to ensure the security of our Beloved Country and it’s laws.

I also believe that protestors should end this, not for the government but for the sake of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW because I am sure that He is watching all this and also His followers who are suffering. He gave us the message of tolerance and peace and forgiveness and We must keep that in mind alwaysss, no matter what happens. 

May Allah keep my country safe and progressing and my people safe and sane. Ameen. May Allah help us in practicing the real Islam and the real message of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW. 

Ameen Ya Rub-ul-Alameen!